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Thank You for making




a success!

Stay tuned for the total amount raised this year!

To date, we have raised $53,071 for the Jim Lafferty Memorial Research Grant!!


Shining Down has aligned with ZERO to raise money exclusively for the  Jim Lafferty Memorial Research Grant! 
100% of all funds raise will be granted to  innovative prostate cancer research.

Come Join Us!!

Jim Lafferty was diagnosed with terminal stage four prostate cancer at the age of 35... and died in December 2010 at the young age of 40.   Despite his terminal diagnosis, and due to his extraordinary personality, Jim never “laid down” to his disease. Instead, he made his remaining years a passionate endeavor to educate men of all ages and their families about prostate cancer, treatment options, and sharing his story in every forum he could. Among the nearly two thousand people who came to pay their last respects to Jim and his family were many that had never met him, but had either heard him speak on the topic and/or spent hours communicating with him seeking advice. His life changing impact on others was immeasurable, and with your help, Shining Down will continue his mission.

If you've been diagnosed with prostate cancer, or care about someone that has, this organization has been formed to educate you and your family, increase awareness, and help you locate informational resources available to you. Additionally, funds raised will be used to fund research that will lead to more effective treatment options and potentially, a cure.

YOU can be an informed health advocate
for yourself or someone you love. Join us as we continue Jim's mission - together, we can make a difference.

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